Low Prices Everyday

Competitive prices for all products all the time, and very attractive offers on a monthly basis for selected items that posts on our monthly flyers.

Wide Products Variety

Supplying thousands of recognizable name-brand items, also stocks over 5,000 various items of grocery, beverage, candy, snack, general merchandise, auto supply, tobacco and cigarettes.

Professional Customer Service

Our team provides professional services to our customers. Listen and fulfill customer needs. Provide the right support. Product availability is our main priority to ensure the best customer experience. And provide delivery across California.

Convenient Online Services

In addition to walk-in services, and for more customers’ convenience, we provide set of online services such as Online account registration, Online payments, Online ordering system, Online self-service and Online delivery price calculation.



Aleryani Wholesale with business to business members-only, serves over 1,000 independently-owned convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations, smoke shops and food service operators cross California.